Go Scouseboy Go!

Well it’s been a very long time now since I last posted, a little to do with time but also inspiration.

My situation has changed, now job, new friends etc but now that I am settled in and very happy I have started to think about my thoughts 🙂

I going to eas in slowly and start with a good cause….the Willow Foundation. My friend Chris is running his first marathon (nutter) and is rasing cash for a worthwhile cause too. Well there had to be something positive to come from his madness!!

Check out his blog for all the information.


Cash for Kids

My darling Joanne

I know everyone is all charity’d out but if you want to keep it local and you love Lancashire like me then follow the link below to the RockFM website and the Cash for Kids fundraiser pages.

Hell you might even be inclined to give a little. It all helps.


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Homefront – Will Promise be Overshadowed by Bugs?

This year seems to be shaping up to be a watershed in high quality games releases including Battlefield 3, Deus Ex:HR and the (in)famous Duke Nukem Forever, but Homefont on the XBox 360 is a potentially great game with an interesting single player narrative and innovative multiplayer caught my eye.

Unfortunately it has been heavily criticised for its short(five hours allegedly) single player campaign that basically barks instructions at you. The multiplayer being highly praised in reviews has now become the victim of bugs that may threaten to place it in the in-decline COD franchise.

Surely this new franchise can’t fall at the first hurdle due to the very well documented and lamented problems that the bloated, recycled COD games have?

I hope not, if only for my sake as a gamer who wants to see games like this and Dead Space become the new franchise flagship products.


Blackburn Rovers, it really is that Bad!

The football (soccer !?!) team I love is slowly going down the toilet. I recently read a really good ESPN blog post that does justice to our recent Premier League performance against Blackpool.

At the moment all seems very dismal and downbeat. Blackpool came to Ewood Park and for 45 minutes taught us, and hopefully our blinkered manager, a lesson in how to play football away from home. Rovers blustered for 15 minutes to no real effect then due partly to luck and partly to officiating ineptitude, Blackpool stole a two goal lead and played the best football I have seen at Ewood Park all season…from anyone!

Thankfully in the second half Blackpool showed the pressure of their league position and inexperience by basically letting us have the ball. Rovers managed to blunder through by applying ridiculous amounts of pressure and if out tactics and players had been up to the task this should have been transformed into many more than two goals. But neither were up to scratch and as it turned out we managed to just about scrape a draw.

Game of two halves;yes. Deserved draw;no. Definitely no.

So the pain and anguish is prolonged by the laughable management team and the naive (more money than sense or more money than experience?) owners. I for one am not confident in Rovers’ ability to avoid the drop to the Football League Championship. This one is going to be resolved by the other bottom feeders being worse than Rovers.

Oh the humanity!



Today on Technorati

Hey I’m on Technorati!!!!

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Is Australia the Answer

Now I’ve been looking to move jobs for a while, the reasons aren’t important but security is important to me. The market is ok for developers but more senior posts are thin on the ground in Lancashire especially during the economic climate.
So I started to consider abroad, not too seriously, but enough to throw my hat in the ring when a job post for a .net and Sharepoint lead popped into my on box. I expect nothing to come of itjust because I am not that lucky!
The one thing that is definite is that I will be looking yo Oz. It fills me with excitement that I could make the move and it’s a great place. I just hope,for my wife and son’s sake, that if I get the chance that me and Oz get on ok.

I will keep The Box up to date with developments……if there are any!

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Willow Foundation–Liverpool Half Marathon

Resident running loony Chris Brown is doing the honourable thing and putting all that pavement pounding to a good use……he is running in the Liverpool Half Marathon on March 27th 2011. He is raising money for Willow Foundation (very good cause). Click the link to find out more and to donate.

Please forgive the pictures of Chris. he does try you know Smile

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